Data Center Solutions in Saudi Arabia

The Importance of Data Center Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Nowadays, Saudi Arabia has been successfully growing economically at a fast rate and focusing on digitization. The new technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, 5G, robotics and big data are opening up many new applications and business models. To capitalize on such opportunities that come with digitization, organizations must rely on smart and strategic IT infrastructure. As technology grows, the amount of data produced grow exponentially. These data volumes have to be stored and processed closer to the source for better efficiency and latency.

in blinks, we help organizations in Saudi Arabia stay at the edge of progress by elevating their business using globally suggested ICT infrastructure solutions tailored and aimed to enhance the organization’s working environment.

Why Edge Data Centers?

Edge Data Centers are the new era of data centers as they are more reliable and efficient in managing data, offers enhanced and robust security measures, has ability to monitor the system remotely and facilitate lower latency with faster response time.

Characteristics of An Edge Data Center


The Edge Data Centers share the following features:

. Supports distributed data processing
. Includes data from IoT devices
. Equipment can be either in one cabinet or multiple racks
. Offers the most optimal physical and cyber security
. Multiple network protocols support, whether it be wireless or wired using copper or fiber optic cables
. Strategically located to be close to users

What Industries Benefit From Data Centers in Saudi Arabia?

Regardless of the organization’s size, the data center solution can be installed and utilized in various industries such as the following:

. Retail
. Healthcare
. Entertainment
. Banking
. Education
. Logistics
. Governmental

We offer Datwyler Smart Modular Data Centre Solutions in Saudi Arabia market:

Datwyler’s EMS

The Datwyler Data Centre Infrastructure Management solution features an innovative approach towards IT infrastructure management, taking into consideration the latest technological advancement in IoT, AI, IP communication and other technologies. The platform allows the DCIM to integrate with a wide range of systems supporting the IT infrastructure. It provides real-time monitoring of environment conditions, access control and energy consumption, activates the alarm in case of an emergency and collects data for planning of preventative maintenance. It comes with a friendly and easy to use graphical user interface that simplifies the complexity and sophistication of the systems running behind.


. Real time-monitoring
. Openness & flexibility
. Alarm notication
. Graphical Reports

HMI Touch Screen Features


. Flat touchscreen with multi-touch function
. Multilingual Web GUI with integrated logic
. SNMP enabled ports for auto detection of sensors
. User access management
. Integrated interface Ethernet, USB, CAN, analog & digital
. Provides notifications and alerts such as email, SMS and SNMP traps
. Extensive range of sensors for environmental monitoring, security control and power monitoring
. USB interface
. Face recognition system
. Sim card slot for optional GSM modem
. Warning alarms for maintenance and critical events
. Graphical representation of environmental data

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