Access Control Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Access Control Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Smart Building Access Solution

The current rise of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) enabled us to find ways to power the process of “intelligentization” towards smart buildings. Card access has always been the medium and traditional way of building access. unfortunately this method has become flawed as cards are easily forged, lost or even damaged. this led to an increased demand to a more efficient as well as effective access control solutions. Access control using the human face has become one of the most secure and intuitive methods as it has been accepted globally to replace the traditional card access system.

Access Control Trends

Face Recognition to Replace Card Access

Face recognition solution provides much higher level security, and efficiency than the traditional card. Risk exposure by loss of cards can be avoided.

Temperature Check During Building Access

temperature check has increasingly been adopted as regular access control in smart buildings. We offer one-stop solution for temperature check, building access and attendance recording.

Extended Scenarios

Data integration of different systems allows our face recognition solution to be rapidly expanded to multiple application scenarios, such as guest reception and elevator control

Multi-mode Integration

FaceID can be integrated with multiple identification methods such as passwords, cards, and QR codes to provide a more secure access experience.

Access Control Solution Overview

Powered by Megvii’s core AI algorithms such as face recognition, and living object detection, and leveraging advanced intelligent hardware, the “one-face-pass” is a whole-building AI access solution that can be tailored for multiple scenarios, such as access control, elevator control, attendance recording, VIP greeting and visitor management.

Megvii’s Access Solution Control Strengths


The solution is equipped with polymorphic sensing devices, including face recognition, face motion capture and video structuring. This can be customized as needed.

2-All Environment Supports:

The solution works in all kinds of environments such as indoors, outdoors, and a dense crowd. It is also adaptive to different light conditions such as highlight, backlight and dim light.

3-Powerful Algorithm:

Thanks to a huge base library and ultra-low misrecognition rate, recognition effective rate reaches 99.99%. Multi-form liveness detection capacities featured at both front-end and back-end allows can resist non-living attacks.

4-Easy Integration:

Rich and mature API interfaces, Wiegand output and other capabilities make integration convenient whether upward or downward.

Access Control Solution Products

AIoT Comprehensive Application Platform

Megvii Pangu is a proprietary AIoT integrated management platform designed for large and medium-sized enterprises. Powered by Megvii’s leading AI algorithms, Pangu provides customers with visualized applications such as smart security, a one-face-pass solution and warning system, helping businesses shift towards digital management through enhanced personnel management efficiency and reduced operational management costs.


Pangu Three Modules


AIoT Smart IoT Commercial Cloud Platform

MEGVII Jiuxiao is a proprietary AIoT Commercial Cloud software platform for SMB companies. Powered by its cutting-edge AI algorithms, MEGVII Jiuxiao offers customers AIoT cloud-based applications on the public cloud that are easy to migrate, flexible to deploy and easy to use, enabling them to realize one-stop efficient management of access, attendance, visitors and personnel and to focus on achieving business success.


Intelligent IP Camera

The Intelligent IP Camera (IPC) is one of Megvii’s main products. Powered by Megvii’s AI algorithms, it features a range of functions and modes, including portrait capture, face recognition, intelligent use of visible and infrared light, hybrid intelligence and full structured. Built on the company’s expertise in the field, the IPC performs well in a wide range of complex settings including street and city management.


Intelligent Identity Verification Device

The Intelligent Identity Verification Device, powered by face recognition algorithms, verifies whether an ID card holder is the same person as indicated on his or her ID card. This series of products has been widely deployed in railway stations, airports, hotels, examination rooms, taxation offices, social security offices and traffic control buildings.


Face Recognition Empowered Access Control Equipment

The Face Recognition Access Control series of products provides functions including access monitoring and control, attendance and gateways. Available in various configurations, these devices cater to the diverse needs of customers.


Smart Analysis Cube

B4H Series is a cost-effective AI computing box product for edge-computing needs. It is designed based on the concept of algorithm-defined hardware, and the algorithms can be loaded and distributed flexibly. By loading different industry algorithm packages, you can build computing box catering to your industry. The built-in high-performance embedded algorithm framework is designed for edge-side AI deep neural network computing with strong arithmetic performance, making it the best choice for AI edge computing products with both high performance and high cost-efficiency.

Product Highlights



The following scenarios is where the solution is highly used globally:

  • Gate Access
  • Temprature Measurement for Passage
  • Face Recognition Elevetor Control
  • Attendance Management
  • Visitor Management Employee Care and VIP Reception

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